Welcome to patrologia.graeca.tk

1) Web Search Tool

This is a simple tool in order to search for specific combination of words in Patrologia Graeca.
The tool is upload to archive.org and the permanent URL for the tool is https://archive.org/download/patrologia-api/index.html .
The tool is ENHANCED & UPDATED in order to search ALL the EDITABLE TEXTS in Migne Patrologia Graeca in one click.

The search is done after typing the two letter stem in the input box and the words that exist in the editeable texts of patrologia graeca are presented with aditional options. The search is done without scripting by applying specific static transformations of the texts, and is fast, scalable e.t.c. Remember to have set unicode encoding to your browser, also enable javascript.

The citation info for this tool is:
Evagelos Varthis, Marios Poulos, Ilias Giarenis, S. Papavlasopoulos, Implementation of a Databaseless Web REST API for the Unstructured Texts of Migne's Patrologia Graeca with Searching capabilities and additional Semantic and Syntactic expandability, Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Digital Access to Textual Cultural Heritage (DaTech 2019), Brussels, Belgium.

2) Interconnected Scanned Sources

For the navigation of the scanned pages of Patrologia Graeca (nearly 50 volumes from 166) based on Latin and Greek (Dorotheos Scholarios's) indexes see this link. The project is also uploaded in archive.org having permanent URL: https://archive.org/download/patrologia-graeca/index.html

The citation info for the project of interconnected scanned sources is:
Evagelos Varthis, Marios Poulos, Ilias Giarenis, S. Papavlasopoulos, Semantic enrichment on Large Corpora: a case study for Patrologia Graeca, IFLA Satellite Meeting: Artificial Intelligence and its impact on libraries and librarianship,Ionian University, Corfu, Greece
Feel free to comment or to advise about these tools in a polite manner. Thank you.